About Us

Founded in 1997, TIENTRIEN INDOOR FURNITURE (TIF) has been recognized to be a leading manufacturer of solid wood indoor furniture in Vietnam for its highest commitment in quality, reasonable cost, and on-time delivery. TIF manufacturing in set up with an outstanding flexibility where we can undertake at the same time mass production orders and small volume orders. TIF is a specialist of “Time Imprinted Furniture” by using finishing techniques to make the antique & weathered looks on furniture surfaces, or using over-used wood.

Living on Buddha teachings, we sincerely believe in the strength of Goodness and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Through products made by TIF, we are devoted to form civilized and prosperous communities, modern living environment, and sustainable life values.

All we do for good quality of life and passion.

A leading manufacturer of solid wood furniture.

Mass production & Mixed container orders are accepted.

Building TIF to be an image of trust and credibility whenever spoken about amongst the customers and partners. Developing TIF to be a strong and prestigeous brand in Vietnam and the World

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